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Butco Air Source Heat Pumps


We would all like to eliminate our fuel bills and, to some degree, this is possible with renewable energy. There are many products on the market which will harness energy from our environment, be it from the air, sun or ground.


The latest innovative range of highly efficient stainless steel cylinders and air source heat pump water heaters are now available through Butco – The Heating Experts.

With its simple 'plug & play' operating system, the new Air Source Heat Pump Cylinders enjoy the same performance as other unvented cylinders but they come with an additional advanced Air Source Heat Pump attached to it.  Meaning you can enjoy a truly environmentally clean energy efficient product which utilises the heat in the air and converts this energy into a water heater heating device.

Due to its insulation and coil design, you will find that this cylinder has unrivalled heat recovery time. For example, the 200ltr tank can re-heat to 60°C in an incredible 22 minutes using an external heat source.

Low maintenance is a key feature of these products as the manufacturers have incorporated a unique inspection hatch allowing the cylinder to be inspected easily and hassle-free. All cylinders come with a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee.

The 900W Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder generates up to 2.88kW of energy; an incredible 298% energy efficient product. This means for every kW used, the Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder generates twice as much energy as it uses.

The Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder is a stand alone product, however it can be used effectively with biomass, oil, gas and solid fuel boilers. There is also a version with double coils for a thermal solar system and other heat generating equipment. It has its own control and timer system which incorporates a weekly anti-legionella device. As it is a working appliance it comes with a full 7 year warranty.

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