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Butco Heating Products


As part of their service, Butco Heating offers a variety of products to help you stay safe and get the best from your system, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Products include:

    • Power Flush - removes system sludge, debris & scale and restores system efficiency
    • Magnetic Filter - cleans & protects your heating system from 'sludge'
    • Scale Protection - helps to reduce limescale build up and protects your boiler
    • Surestop Isolation Valve - the easy and convenient way to turn off your mains water.
    • Water Testing - checks water quality ensuring system runs to full efficiency capacity
    • System Water Treatment - protects against system corrosion and scale
    • SMART Home Control - helps save energy when you’re away
    • SMART Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - sends you a message when there's a problem
    • Smoke Alarm - accurate rapid detection of fires
    • Carbon Monoxide Alarm - protects from gases that may leak from boilers, log burning fires etc