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Do You Live In A Hard Water Area?

Did you know that scale can build up inside your central heating system? Take a look inside your kettle; that could be happening inside your boiler and we all know how expensive they are to replace!

If you live in a hard water area, we recommend that a scale reducer is fitted on your cold water mains supply as this helps to reduce limescale build up and protects your boiler, domestic appliances and pipework.  Perfect prevention measure against limescale build up in your home appliances.

From £90 Installed

    •  Protects pipework & water cylinders from limescale build up
    •  Essential for energy saving
    •  Lifetime guarantee (product only)
    •  Protection for the whole house/building
    •  Prevents formation of hard limescale
    •  Environmentally friendly
    •  Increased life expectancy of heating systems, pipework and appliances
    •  Reduced energy bills

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